About Our Research

Team Research

Our team’s research focus is to ensure that all women with breast cancer receive timely diagnoses, treatment, and support across the breast cancer care continuum.                                                       

Student Research

We are proud of our student researchers presenting at the Oncology Nursing Society Annual Congress in Washington, D.C., in May 2018.

Pictured below, clockwise from top left, are: Victoria Reiser, RN, BSN, BMTCN; Lauren Aitken, SN; Kaitlin Feldenzer, ACNP, DNP; and Sarah Gallups, RN, BSN, MPH.


Victoria Resider, RN, BSN, BMTCN  presenting at ONS May 2018Lauren Aitken, SN  presenting at ONS May 2018












Kaitlin Feldenzer, ACNP, DNP presenting at ONS May 2018   Sarah Gallups, RN, BSN, MPH  presenting at ONS May 2018