women participating in a charity walk for breast cancerSEMOARS stands for the Symptom Experience, Management, and Outcomes According to Race and Social determinants of health for women recommended to receive breast cancer chemotherapy. Our team conducted the Attitudes, Communication, Treatment, and Support (ACTS) Intervention to Reduce Breast Cancer Treatment Disparity, funded through The American Cancer Society, (RSGT-09-150-01-CPHPS). In that study we found a high symptom burden among Black women, correlated to the ability to receive full dose of prescribed chemotherapy. 

Our next study, the Symptom Experience, Management, Outcomes According to Race (SEMOARS), (1R01MD01224501), is comparing the symptom incidence and distress, symptom reporting methods and outcomes, including the ability to receive full dose of prescribed chemotherapy between Black and White women as they proceed through chemotherapy. Genomics, epigenomics and pharacogenomics are areas for further exploration.