MBC/SEA Program

a woman receives palliative careOur team leads the Support, Education, and Advocacy Program for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. We developed and maintain a large (1,700 patients) longitudinal data base of women with metastatic breast cancer. These findings informed the program development of a nurse-led primary palliative care intervention for all patients with metastatic breast cancer as well as for their families. 

This is a successful clinical program supported through foundation funding and implemented to ensure that all women with metastatic breast cancer receive optimal physical, emotional, and financial support. This program reviews all MBC patients weekly and connects patients with needed support, including social services, palliative care, clinical trials, and ongoing education and support. We are developing protocols for the integration of genomic information into the routine care of patients with MBC.

The MBC/SEA program is partially funded by the Ladies Hospital Aid Society.